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Poll Creation
   The Poll Creation System allows you to create one or more on-line poll which can be integrated into your existing website or used alone in minutes! There is no need to hire a "web expert" to program the interface and "administer" it for you.
   You specify the poll question and possible anwers and...that's it!

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What can I use the Poll Creation System for? allows you to create an on-line poll that can be integrated into your existing website or used alone. see sample
  • Can I create more than one on-line poll in my account?
  • Who should use the Poll Creation System?
    There are many instances where a quick and simple on-line poll can be useful. For instance, if you run a club, you can create a simple informal poll to gauge support or lack of support for a particular initiative. If you are having a holiday dinner for your club for instance, you can get a quick survey of whether members want it at restaurant A or restaurant B.'s new Poll Creation System allows you to do this and more.
  • How does it work?
    Basically there are four steps:
    A. You register. You register for our service.
    B. You enter the poll question and answer choices. Using our simple interface, you tell us what the poll question is and what are the possible answer choices. For instance, to decide where to have the club dinner the question might be 'Where do you want the annual club dinner' and the answer choices might be 'Resaturant A' or Restaurant B'. We create the poll for you based on your information requirements and we tell you the Poll Page URL.
    C. You tell your visitors. Tell your visitors about your on-line poll. In the case of the club dinner, you would tell club members to go to the on-line Poll Page URL to vote. If you have a web-site you can have a link from it to the Poll Page URL. Another good way to make your users aware of the on-line poll is to include the Poll Page URL in all club posters and other advertisements.
    D. Users Complete poll. When your visitors complete the on-line poll, the information they input is tabulated and shown. When you are ready to see the final results, just login or go to the Poll Page URL and click Results.
  • Do I have to install software?
    No, just compete the information in our simple interface and you're set.
  • Can I use the service if I don't have my own web-site?
    Yes. Since you will be provided with your own customized Poll Page URL where your poll can be found, just tell your users to go to that URL to participate in the poll.
  • How do I get users to use my poll?
    There are many ways you can do this depending on what sort of poll you are doing. If it is a club dinner poll for instance, you can:
    (1) Add a link from your web-site to the Poll Page URL
    (2) Include the Poll Page URL in all your advertisements
    (3) Print the Poll Page URL on business size cards and hand it out at your Club Days or other events
    (4) Post the Poll page URL on your club events board
  • How much does it cost?
    It's free (see our mission statement to understand why). In the future, we will be offering premium services for which there may a be a charge.
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